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Supplement your landscaping with hardscaping in Kernersville, and Oak Ridge, NC

Hardscaping makes it easier for you to get around your yard. Thanks to Total Lawn Care, you don’t have to get your feet dirty every time you step outside. You can walk across a beautifully made pathway or patio to enjoy the great outdoors and enjoy your landscaping in Kernersville.

Some of our hardscaping services include:

  • Building concrete borders
  • Creating water features like ponds
  • Seal coating blacktop driveways and parking lots

Call  336-996-5040 now to ask about our hardscaping in Kernersville, and Oak Ridge, NC.

Build retaining walls around your gardens and lawn features

Retaining walls don’t just look nice. They prevent erosion and help to keep your yard in the shape it’s in now. Your new retaining wall will look amazing no matter where you want it. In addition to installing retaining walls, we also repair them. When you notice your wall beginning to crumble or fall apart, let us know. We’ll come to your property right away to fix it. Our retaining walls and all of our hardscaping services are available for both residential and commercial properties.

Contact us today to find out more about retaining walls in Kernersville, and Oak Ridge, NC.