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Aeration is the key to a beautiful and healthy lawn

Lawn aeration is an important part of any good lawn maintenance plan, but many people don’t bother to get it done as often as they should.

A beautiful backyard requires proper care, and aeration is part of that essential management. A few good reasons to aerate include:

  • Allowing the soil to breathe
  • Fostering healthy grass roots
  • Allowing water and lawn nutrients to soak into the soil
  • Creating an environment for your grass to thrive

If you want a healthy lawn in Kernersville, NC, call Total Lawn Care today.

Don't leave your lawn maintenance to just anyone

Anybody can say they know how to aerate your lawn, but the professionals at Total Lawn Care go beyond doing a simple job. If you want a truly healthy lawn in Kernersville, NC, you need a team that will do a comprehensive lawn evaluation. Our team looks over the land, tests the soil and determines what you need and how often you need to aerate.

We understand that no two lawns are identical. Schedule an appointment today to let us enhance your yard with proper levels of lawn nutrients and aeration services.