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Hire the stump grinding specialists in Kernersville, and Oak Ridge, NC

Total Lawn Care provides professional stump grinding services in Kernersville, and Oak Ridge, NC and surrounding areas. If your yard is littered with old tree stumps, we can remove them for you. We’ll grind up those stumps right down to their root systems using a heavy-duty stump grinder, fill in the holes left behind and tidy up the area once we’re done. You’ll soon forget the stumps were ever there.

Contact us today to schedule speedy, efficient stump grinding service.

Enhance the appearance of your yard

Total Lawn Care offers stump grinding services in the  Kernersville, and Oak Ridge, NC area. Removing tree stumps will:

  • Get rid of unwanted growths and pests
  • Create open space for a patio or jungle gym to be installed on
  • Improve the appearance of your yard

Reach out to us right away with any questions about our stump grinding service.