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Get Trustworthy Tree Removal Services In Kernersville & Oak Ridge, NC


Contact us right away if a tree on your property is leaning towards your home, or roots are causing your sidewalk to buckle. Total Lawn Care provides reliable tree removal services in Kernersville, and Oak Ridge, NC and surrounding areas. Our tree removal specialists can remove any size tree from your yard without damaging your structure. Once the unwanted tree has been removed, we can grind up the stump and fill in the hole so that it will look like the tree was never there.

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Clear space on your property for a patio or walkway with tree removal

Total Lawn Care takes on tree removal projects in the Kernersville, and Oak Ridge, NC area. We can remove trees that are dead, diseased or posing a threat to your property. Removing unwanted or dangerous trees can:

  • Protect your structures from damage
  • Keep tree disease from spreading
  • Open up space in your yard
  • Create a more open view

Reach out to us right away to learn more about our tree and stump removal services.

How Much Do Tree Removal Services Cost in Kernersville And Oak Ridge, NC?

Tree removals in Kernersville, North Carolina can range from $500 to $3000+.  On average a tree removal can run around $1000. The cost of tree removal depends on the size of the tree and the amount of work required to get it out of your yard. For an estimate, we can provide you with a written quote at no cost to you. We work efficiently and clean up after ourselves so there is no messy cleanup or needing to go back down in months later and repave your driveway. Here are some factors that can impact the cost of removing a tree or shrub:

  • Tree Size
  • Tree Location
  • Equipment Needed
  • Tree Removal Specifications
  • Crew Needed For Removal

Here are some reasons why it may be best to remove a tree:

Light blocking – The tree may block sunlight from reaching your home or yard, resulting in the need to repave the driveway every time it rains due to muddy watermarks. Additionally, you may find yourself fighting with shady spots or hurt when struck by falling branches in your yard.

The tree is Decaying or Dead – It can be costly to get a decaying or dead tree taken down because there is the chance that it could get loose and fall during its removal. A professional can inform you if it is safe for you to get the job done yourself, and if not, we will do all of the work for you.

The tree is Dangerous – Many trees can pose a threat to your safety and others around you during their removal. For instance, there may be a high risk of getting hit by falling branches or trunks due to broken limbs, heavy winds, and other factors. These risks make it important that the best, most experienced tree service in Kernersville come to remove the tree from your property by using safe practices in order to avoid any danger.

Tree Roots Are Damaging Concrete or House Foundation – Tree roots can grow through and cause damage to your concrete and may even penetrate into your home foundation. Tree roots can cause damage to septic systems, water lines, and other natural elements that build up over time if they cannot be removed promptly.

Tree Leaves Fall on Your Driveway/House – A tree could also be an eyesore in your yard or house. You may want to remove it because it may be dangerous due to its condition, located too close to your house, or you don’t like the type of tree.

The tree Is In An Awkward Spot For Landscaping – Trees can disrupt your landscaping if they’re in an awkward spot. In such cases, it may be advisable to get the tree removed and help the flow of your landscaping or create room for a more ideal landscape.

Tree Reaches The Roof Of Home or Building – Another reason to remove a tree is that it may be too close to your roof. A professional arborist must be consulted before we can determine exactly how much re-siting work will be required. However, some trees overhang.

The Tree Is Blocking An Excellent View – One may want to remove a tree for aesthetic purposes. However, there are other ways to save money such as pruning and fertilizing the trees.

Tree Is Too Close To The House – If your house is in danger due to close proximity of a tree, it does not mean that you have to remove the tree entirely. Instead, consult an arborist about how much space is needed in order for you to be safe from falling limbs and branches. Some trees that are too close may be removed without reservation while others may need re-planting in another area of your yard.

Choose The Right Tree Removal Service Team For The Job:

If you decide that removing a tree is the best option for solving your problem and need help with this then we offer free estimates. We are a certified Arborist in Kernersville and are able to handle tree maintenance, tree trimming, and stump grinding. Once the tree is safely removed we can also help you choose and plant the right tree for you.

Tree Removal Process:

Step 1 – Arrange Equipment And Crew
If you want us to do all of the work, then we will work with you on a quote and do the removal process ourselves. If you want to do it yourself, we can help you plan and finish the job by providing equipment and crew.
Step 2 – Planning The Job
Some factors we take into consideration during planning include: Size of Tree – A large tree can prove harder to remove than a small one as it could be more tangled into other trees or have additional branches that must be removed as well.
Step 3 – Tree Removal
Once the equipment is ready and the crew is onsite, we can begin with removing your tree. We use our best methods and equipment to get rid of trees in a safe manner. Our goal is to get rid of all branches and leaves from your property so that you have a clear view out of your windows again.
Step 4 – Remove and Clean-Up
After the job is finished, we do a clean up of all materials and will remove any fallen limbs from your land. We will remove the tree and dig out or grind down any stumps left behind is you choose our stump removal services. Our cleanup procedure is thorough, leaving you with no mess to worry about.

Tips To Prevent Needing a Tree Removal:

1. Decide what type of tree you want before you buy it.

2. Consider the size of your tree and how it will grow when purchasing a tree for your yard. It is best to purchase young trees that are easy enough to be moved to their permanent location without much needed tree maintenance other than allowing them time to grow and develop before landscaping.

3. Evaluate the soil where you want to plant the tree, and add amendments such as peat moss, compost, and manure if needed in order for the plant to flourish. Make sure there is adequate drainage by adding organic matter.

4. Make sure you are purchasing healthy trees, with no disease or insect infestation, so that once it is planted you do not have to worry about any damage or problems occurring.

5. Fertilize your tree every year, as this encourages healthy growth and development needed for any plant to flourish.

6. Proper tree trimming and pruning can also help keep your tree healthy and looking nice. Prune dead and diseased branches as well as any that are rubbing against other branches and tree trunks.

7. Finally, trees should be planted in appropriate locations thoughtfully and properly. Do not plant them under power lines or over underground wires as this can cause problems for you and those around you. Planting your tree in a location where it will not be too exposed to the elements for years at a time is also critical. Trees can be hazards for homes and property; make sure you properly take care of your trees and place them in an appropriate and safe location before construction begins and after, if necessary.