Final leaf removal and gutter cleaning. Winter time fertilization, and Calcium Lime application. Tree pruning(crown reduction) Debris removal, snow removal. January is a great time to plant trees and do landscape design as we get real busy in February. Also a good time to pipe off water for downspouts and drainage problems in your area.


We start installs, some mowing late February, pine needles and mulch, still a great time to trim trees. February is great for installing plants since spring stock will run low later and plants and trees will become less available this time of year. Great time to begin aerating and seeding lawns.


mowing begins, crabgrass control and fertilization, mulch, pine needles and landscape installation.(remember rocks, creation of natural areas for drainage.) Also, a good time for correcting any areas that need new grass.


Mowing, mulch pine needles, landscape installs(things are blooming this time of year. Irrigation shut on, crabgrass preventer and broad-leaf weed control applications are vital at this point. Pressure washing(March-Nov)


Mowing, pressure washing, tree work, grading and seeding, landscape installs, Broad leaf weed control, mulch and pine needles.


June is huge on its pruning season by far with all the spring growth. We are still in mowing season till Dec. Pressure washing, tree work, grading and seeding Landscape installs everyday, Broad-leaf weed control, mulch and pine needles.

September- October

Aeration, seeding, fertilizing. Installations are great this time of year for your yard.


Leaves, final seeding early, mulch, pine needles, holiday cleanup, trimming, Christmas lights. Irrigation shut off.


Leaf clean-up, mulch, pine needles and final mowing, brush and yard clean up stuff