Does Your Lawn Look Like a Jungle?

Maybe it's time for professional lawn care in Kernersville, NC

Are you tired of having to move branches and maneuver through tall grass just to get to your car? Are you sick of looking out of your window and seeing nothing but a bland wasteland? If so, you need professional landscaping services. Total Lawn Care provides lawn maintenance services in Kernersville, NC. We'll happily turn your unruly jungle into a vibrant garden. Our top services include landscape designing, pruning and mulching services.

Let's get started on your lawn today. If you're in Kernersville, NC and need landscaping services, call 336-996-5040.

Landscape Design


Create the landscape of your
dreams with landscape design

Pruning and Mulch

Pruning and

Keep pesky weeds out of your
garden with mulching

Landscape Maintenance


Let the professionals trim
your yard with lawn mowing

Other Services Offered

Other Services

Overgrown trees can damage
your home. Avoid this with
tree removal services.

Create a Pristine and Manicured Lawn

Hire us for your landscaping services in Kernersville, NC

Why should you get professional landscaping services?

Why should you get professional landscaping services?

Regular lawn care is part of responsible property management. While manicuring your own lawn may seem tempting, hiring a professional for landscaping services is a much better idea. Here's why:

  • We know what we're doing
  • We have the right tools for the job
  • You won't put yourself at risk of injury
  • These services increase the value of your property

If you need professional lawn care in Kernersville, NC, call us now to schedule your appointment.