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Weather the winter with our snow removal services in Kernersville, and Oak Ridge, NC

Watching the snow fall from your window can be beautiful. It’s what comes after that isn’t so pretty. When you have snow piled up on your lawn and you want it gone, call Total Lawn Care. We’ll come to your property right away to complete the snow removal you need.

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Keep your business accessible with commercial snow removal

Customers can’t park and access your storefront if there’s too much snow in the way. You need commercial snow removal. We’ll come to your parking lot and take care of the piles of snow blocking your business. That way, you and your customers will be able to navigate the parking lot much more easily.

In addition to removing snow, we also take care of ice on your property. We can salt sidewalks and driveways to help melt the ice. You don’t want to deal with people tripping and slipping on black ice while they’re trying to get to your business.

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